My anxious mind is suffocating itself

My anxious mind is suffocating itself

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When I become self conscious of something about myself I immediately want to change it to what I think is ideal. Changing takes time, too much time. So now I have this gigantic list of things I want to change about myself for example my speech. Once I was made aware that I speak like a four year old I started to work on it, so in some ways my speech has improved but there are times where I'm crippled by my anxiety to the point where I can't speak, or I mumble and pray the people know what I'm talking about. I will never understand how speaking comes naturally to people. It's like that about everything! Once my mind focuses on something it destroys and I'm left with a shattered version of what I once had and I'm left hoping it heals stronger than before.

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Re: My anxious mind is suffocating itself

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