I want to iterate my allergies.

I want to iterate my allergies.

Сообщение amandamurray110 » 09 июл 2019, 22:29

Hi all,

Can anyone help me find a way to explain what allergies are to someone? What I understand is that allergies are pretty hard to change.

I've had allergies- which have changed a bit since I was born. I have asthma, eczema and food allergies. The person believes 2 things

'Western' medicine doesn't work or help. Which is true in the sense that my allergies haven't been cured. I've been taking whatever for some time. This person disagrees that I should even take cetirizine because it's 'useless'
And of course before you respond I have indeed made the counterargument that medicine isn't meant to cure everything and make you grow your leg back.

Ok I forgot what the second thing is.
But the point is I'm not particularly informed, or I guess, apparently not informed enough. First so yeah sorry if this doesn't fit in this forum. I thought this was the best fit, second is there anything one can do about allergies, and why? Third, is there anything I can read or know about to explain this case better?


https://patient.info/forums/discuss/iss ... ies-697710
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