salary for orthopedic doctor in bahrain

salary for orthopedic doctor in bahrain

Сообщение greglazor » 03 май 2018, 20:04


i'm a orthopedic surgeon based in india. I got a job offer from clinic in manama bahrain for the post of specialist doctor (orthopedics). They are offering salary of 1750 BD plus 2bhk accomodation.
Is the salary fine according to current standards. How much would me my expenses.
Any guidance will be of immense help.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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Re: salary for orthopedic doctor in bahrain

Сообщение oliviaivy337 » 13 окт 2019, 03:34

Hi, being an orthopedics u have to get minimum 2500 in standard hospitals but workload in a clinic may be less thats what they offered this much..once u obtain a licence here they may increase the amount or u can negotiate ..
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